Omstar has 3 types of additives

Omstar DX1®


Omstar DX1® is for gas and diesel engines (formerly called D-1280X). 

Omstar OpenFlame®


Omstar OpenFlame® for open flame furnaces and boilers (formerly B-15). 

Omstar R-4000®


Omstar R-4000® for large diesel engines using diesel 5, 6/bunker fuel.


The ONLY additive that does all these four things so well...

  • Improves fuel combustion for better fuel economy/less particulates
  • Reduces harmful emissions significantly - SOx, NOx, CO, HC & PM
  • Cleans engines, fuel systems, furnaces, boilers, and exhaust stacks
  • Improves lubricity, extending engine life (cars and trucks)


  • 1 ounce of Omstar DX1® or OpenFlame® treats 10 gallons of fuel (1:1280).
  • 1 ounce of Omstar R-4000® treats 31 gallons of fuel (1:4000).
  • Omstar additives are made only of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. No metals, Alcohols, or other damaging ingredients.
  • When burned they are ashless, leaving no residue.
  • They have an extended shelf-life. We still have usable additive from decades ago.
  • At -40 degrees C, when warmed, they perform perfectly. Not damaged by heat or cold.
  • In diesel fuel, at freezing temperatures, they raise the viscosity of the fuel for easier engine starting.
  • Easy and safe to handle - DX1 has shipping classification 65 "Non-Hazardous"

Product information

Safety Data Sheets (formerly "MSDS")    DX1    OpenFlame    R-4000

Technical Data Sheets    DX1    OpenFlame    R-4000

Tri-Fold Flyer for Omstar additives    PDF
Omstar Business Profile    PDF
Mix Ratio Charts for DX1, OpenFlame and R-4000    PDF
Fact Sheet for an Omstar Distributor or Sales Representative    PDF
FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions    PDF
US Patent for DX1 (then called D-1280X)    PDF

Omstar additives are powerful - 1 ounce treats 10 gallons of fuel

Transporting Omstar Additives


Omstar additives are the best fuel additives in the World for the combined qualities of fuel economy, reducing emissions, and extending engine life!

How Omstar additives work

  • Cetane improver (diesel) Upgrades diesel fuel, improving fuel economy/emissions
  • Gum solvent Cleans engine without decreasing engine lubricity
  • Carburetor & choke cleaner (gasoline) Cleans engine without decreasing engine lubricity
  • Upper cylinder lubricant "Iron soap" lubricant through molecular chemisorption
  • Valve lubricant "Iron soap" lubricant through molecular chemisorption
  • Combustion improver (antismoke agent) Exhaust emissions reduced. Fuel economy increased

Scientific Explanation of Effects of Omstar D-1280X® Fuel Conditioner. Inventor Morton Z. Fainman, Ph.D., was one of the world's foremost experts on the lubricity powers of synthetic esters. For example, U.S. Patent 4,920,691, issued to him in 1990, cites his 1957 research paper on that subject. Thus he had been researching synthetic esters for three decades before what he called his "sudden insight" about combining low and high synthetic esters in one fuel additive came to him in 1988. 

Excerpts from the Patent which calls the additive "D-1280X":

"The additive is a mixture of two straight chain carboxylic acid esters, one having a low molecular weight and the other having a higher molecular weight, and wherein the additive mixture increases the efficiency of the engine and decreases pollution."

"The low molecular weight materials...keep the injectors clean...The need for a dispersant is eliminated avoiding their sulfur and nitrogen...which form air polluting sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides upon combustion."

"All materials used in the present invention are composed only of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen [no metals, sulfur, nitrogen, etc.] thus pollution by the additive itself is minimized."

"The high molecular weight ester, acting as a synthetic overhead lubricant, partially survives the combustion and contributes an acid moiety to form the chemisorbed iron soap to provide boundary layer lubrication. Vibration is reduced and engine at idle runs more smoothly and quietly. Smoking is reduced markedly and power, acceleration and fuel efficiency are improved. Thus, the longer that Omstar D-1280X is used, the greater the improvement in engine performance."

Improve combustion

  • Super-efficient combustion reduces fuel consumption and reduces pollutants
  • Cleans engine, fuel valves and fuel lines
  • Raises Cetane for diesel fuel 4-5 points
  • Works in any hydrocarbon fuel, for example, gasoline, diesel and coal

Reduce engine wear

US Patent 4,920,691 for DX1 issued in May 1990 states,"...high molecular weight straight-chain carboxylic acid esters survive the combustion in the cylinder and are available to react with the rings and cylinder walls ...this forms a metal soap which provides lubrication in the boundary friction region and is a great improvement over conventional mineral oil-based overhead lubrication. ..." (this process is called "Chemisorption")

Environmentally Friendly

Made only of Carbon and Hydrogen molecules - 99.99% clean and ashless upon combustion
DX1 shipping classification 65 "Non-hazardous"

  • easy to use
  • safe to handle
  • non-toxic
  • biodegradable