What makes DX1 and other Omstar additives so effective?

The simple answer is short-chain and long-chain synthetic esters are over 50% of the ingredients in Omstar DX1®, Omstar OpenFlame®, and Omstar R-4000®. These esters combine with fuel and when burned produce more efficient combustion than fuel alone. They also clean injectors and create an “iron soap” that coats the upper-cylinder walls of a piston engine reducing friction and heat. This prolongs engine life, while significantly reducing harmful emissions.

How many gallons does the additive treat?

Omstar DX1® mix ratio is 1 ounce to 10 gallons of fuel, or 1:1280 (either gas or diesel). Omstar R-4000® is 1 ounce to 31 gallons of residual diesel (grades 5/6, HFO), or 1:4000. Omstar OpenFlame® is 1 ounce to 10 gallons of fuel (diesel, or coal and natural gas equivalent, depending on higher heat value), or 1:1280.

Where is the additive produced?

Omstar additives have been blended by the same, trusted company in Los Angeles since Omstar’s inception. There are no other locations in the world that have ever produced Omstar products using our formulas. We have found “Omstar” on additive bottles produced by copy-cats, so buyer beware if it doesn’t say “Omstar Environmental Products DX1” on the label.

Where can I purchase Omstar products?

You can purchase three ways – 1) directly from Omstar in Los Angeles for 20 ounce to 1 gallon bottles, 2) Through Amazon by searching for “Omstar DX1” within Amazon.com, or 3) through a distributor for 55 gallon drums up to 24,000 liter ISO tank containers.Distributors can also supply the bottles. The Amazon service is expected to be in place by the summer of 2016.

Why is the additive expensive?

Omstar additives are composed mainly of short- and long-chain synthetic esters. We don’t believe you will find a fuel additive with ingredients that are as effective, and complex, as those in Omstar DX1, OpenFlame, and R-4000 anywhere in the world. Omstar additives also do more for the environment, while saving fuel, than any other additive because of these select ingredients.

How do I find a distributor near me?

See our distributors page for a list of offices, phone numbers and email addresses.

Is Omstar DX1® hazardous?

The short answer is no! All Omstar additives contain small amounts of petroleum distillate, but the majority of ingredients are non-hazardous synthetic esters. This product is not hazardous under the criteria of the Federal OSHA Hazard Communication Standard 29 CFR1920.1200. It is certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency as non-hazardous, and is certified by the US Department of Transportation, “Shipping Classification 65 - Non-Hazardous.” DX1 is biodegradable, contains only Hydrogen, Carbon, and Oxygen atoms, and when burned leaves no residue – totally ashless and 99.9997% combustible.

If I order in quantity, why does it take 5-8 weeks?

We have small quantities of bottled additive available all the time through the US office in the Port of Los Angeles. When you desire drums, we typically have a few in stock, but it often takes longer for large quantities. The synthetic esters and specialized petroleum ingredients come from all over the US and the world. Because ingredients are costly and we can’t afford to store them, we get quotes from ingredient producers, place orders, then blend, package, and ship. This process usually takes 5-8 weeks, and requires an 80 drum minimum (pallets of four drums, stacked, that fit in a 20’ ISO standard shipping container)

If I order in quantity, why does it take 5-8 weeks?

Question: How can I become a sales representative, or a distributor?

Answer: Please contact our office in the Los Angeles Harbor and tell them you would like to know more about becoming a sales representative or a distributor. Phone (310) 835-6909, or see our products page for a paper titled “Fact Sheet for an Omstar Distributor or Sales Representative.”

Are there any other products from Omstar besides the additives?

Yes, we can provide T-50, a blend of DX1 + a high quality synthetic oil that will significantly improve the performance of vehicles and engines using 2-stroke technology. Contact our Los Angeles office for more details

How can I get technical data on Omstar products?

See our products page for PDF copies of safety data sheets, tech datasheets, etc.

What do I need for shipping?

NMFC (National Motor Freight Classification): Proper Shipping Name: Fatty acid ester. Identification Number: 144920.Shipping Classification: 65 Non-Hazardous. See the tech data page for tech data hazard labeling.

What is the purchase order process for large orders?

Omstar’s Purchase Order procedure is for all bulk-purchase orders: 55 gallon (208 liter) drums to 24,000 liters ISO containers (not bottles or gallon jugs).

Omstar receives Purchase Order. We do not begin processing a purchase order request until we have received a hard copy of a standard Purchase Order from the customer (we provide the form). The P.O. should include the customer's name, mailing address, billing address and shipping address. Send it FOB Pico Rivera, CA USA via Bank Wire to Omstar's account at Bank of America. Omstar does not require full payment upon placing the order, only a 50% deposit is required to start the process. The order may take 3-6 weeks to process upon receipt of P.O. and deposit. Our standard order policy requires the client submit a 50% deposit of the total cost of the order, and pay the remaining balance of 50% prior to releasing the order to the client's freight forwarder.

Letter of Credit. If payment is by "Letter of Credit" (LC): Typically we don't use LC's, but if it is necessary, follow this procedure: OMSTAR'S bank, Bank of America, will be the RECEIVING bank, and the customer's bank will be the ISSUING bank. There are bank fees associated with issuing an LC which will be the sole responsibility of the distributor or customer. If the customer chooses to establish an LC we will accept a "Confirmed, Irrevocable Letter of Credit" with a hard copy of a Purchase Order. It must be the "Irrevocable" version - other types will not be accepted. Prices are FOB Pico Rivera, CA.


The following is the standard process for ordering additive (minimum 80 drum order):

  1. Purchase Order. Email a signed and scanned hard copy of a purchase order to: robertaskaggs@sbcglobal.net
  2. Wire Money. Send 50% deposit via bank wire to Bank of America, 800 N. Western Ave, San Pedro, CA 90732-2426 (We will send you the bank routing number and account information to complete the transaction).
  3. Blend Additive. Omstar will begin processing the client's purchase order upon receipt of a hard copy of the Purchase Order, authorized by the client, with their 50% deposit.
  4. Final Payment. Once the final payment for the 50% balance due is received by Omstar’s Bank, the product will be prepared for pick-up. Omstar pays for palletization and plastic-wrapping of drums.
  5. Ready for Pick-up. Omstar will inform the customer’s frieghtforwarder when the product is ready for pick-up. The name, contact, phone number of the customer's Freight Forwarder must be provided before the order is picked up to insure against mix up at the loading dock.
  6. Shipping and insurance. The customer (or distributor) is responsible for all shipping and insurance charges.

Please contact Omstar if you have any questions, (310) 835-6909.